Dear Eudora user. Tempted to switch to Apple's, right? Well, when we started the E2A project, there was no way to import Eudora mailing groups into the Apple adressbook.

E2A was here to fill the gap, and it worked nicely with Eudora 5.x and 6.0 and the Apple Adressbook version 1 and 2.

Soon after E2A was born, other tools started to mimic the functionality, and even Apple provided other solutions in later releases of the operating system MacOS X.

The tools is kep online as one more alternative for you to try, if others failed to import your Eudora contacts into Apple's adressbook.

Currently, there are no plans to improve on this tool's code. So either it works for you or it doesn't.

Read the FAQ

For MacOS X (10.3 and later),

E2A developpment was a sweat driving process. I tried to compensate by drinking gallon after gallon. But you know, beer is not for free. So, if E2A was a time/work saver for you, please spend me a beer:

Single seat $0
5 licences $0
25 licences $0
corporate (unlim.) $19'255
Donate $5

We can only improve upon E2A in a way you like, if we know what you like... feedback welcome. (A donation magically increases your chance of bypassing my spam filter).

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