Who's the typical NewsMill So, you are a proud owner of a expensive little homepage for your small business. And realize that your homepage needs fresh content every now and then, but you don't want to pay for the changes every time, and you dont feel like learning insanely great and equaly complex software to do it yourself.

NewsMill is the easiest and quickest way for you to publish frequently changing content on your homepage. NewsMill is so easy to use that you will have learnt to use it in no time. The integrated FTP client and it's bookmark organization make it easy to upload the dynamically produced HTML pages to your web server.



 MacOS X (10.3+)
[4 MB dmg]

[3.2 MB zip]

NewsMill was written for the specific purpose of providing a simple tool to manage a news page on a website, without having to have any scripting option on the server. Over time, the same tool was used to manage a job page, a events calendar, and internal company wide available messages.

NewsMill also comes with a selection of page templates which you can freely modify and use for your web publications.


Single seat $25
5 licences $99
corporate (unlim.) $499
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